It's all about the two of you.

Know that your ceremony is in the hands of a confident, caring professional.

Preparation is the key,  and we will have already done all the work... so now is the time to be in the moment, and enjoy every aspect of your magical day.

i will go above and beyond to work with you to make your day one to remember. 

Any location, any day, any time.  Everything is possible, the opportunities are endless and incredibly exciting!  



An overseas wedding...

Thinking of getting married overseas, but not sure of the legalities - I'm here to help.

Hitched in Hawaii,  Married in the Maldives or Spouses in Seminyak...  Either way my passport is packed and ready to go.

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Pop Up Weddings...

Looking to do something a little more involved than eloping... but a little less challenging than figuring out how to accommodate your 2nd cousins shellfish allergy?  Why not look at a pop up wedding.

A number of couples share the same venue / styling / photographer and catering over the day... reducing costs, but maximising the experience.

Don't worry - it's not a group wedding!  You each get your own special time and space... in fact you probably won't even see another couple on the day... it's still all about you!

I love being a part of a pop-up day... and will happily be your celebrant if you'll have me.  Please say I do!

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