First we get to know each other a little...

Let's organise a catch-up.  Send me an email or give me a call - and we'll make a time that suits to get to know each other over a coffee, beer or wine.  No obligation,  kind of like a coffee date to make sure that we're all going to get along.

Alternatively, if you already know how awesome I am :-)  lets just cut to the chase.

And take things a little further...

When you're ready to take the plunge, and want to lock me in for your ceremony - we'll meet up again to cover a few essentials.

Bring along all the necessary documents (I'll cover that with you), your deposit, and we'll fill out your 'Notice of Intention to Marry'.  

I'll get to know you and your story, and what you love about each other.  You'll get the opportunity to work through what you want your ideal ceremony to look like.  Together, we'll start the process of making something magical.

It's getting kind of serious now...

We'll work back and forth until everyone is happy with the final product.  That can be over email or in person.

I'm more than happy to run through a rehearsal before the day, and I highly recommend it.    

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