When and where can we have you as our celebrant?

I'm available 24/7, across Australia,  and even overseas.  The opportunities are endless.  This isn't a hobby, or a part-time gig around my 'real' job.  This is it - I'm here to make you happy by being THE celebrant for your dream day.  * Please note - Until they can duplicate me, I can only perform one wedding at a time... so bookings are essential!

Why should we choose you?

It's a bit hard to write this without sounding like I've got an ego :-)   I'm confident, engaging, and know how to hold an audience.  I have the life experience to bring the sincerity required to your ceremony,  and the vibrancy to make it an experience to remember.

I have a working history in events management.  I know what it takes to run a smooth operation,  and hold myself to an incredibly high standard.

Anything I commit myself to in life - I do so because of love, passion and happiness - being your celebrant is no exception.

What's included, and what are your fees?

Every wedding is unique, a 'cut and paste' ceremony is not my style.  Each ceremony is carefully crafted WITH each couple, to make sure you have memorable and meaningful experience.

You can expect the following:

  • Completion of all the legal requirements to register your Marriage

  • Preparation of your ceremony

    • face-to-face, email, and phone meetings as needed.

    • a rehearsal prior to the day (if required).

  • Signing table and PA system available (if required)

The fee for this ceremony is $850.   A deposit of $300 is required at time of booking, and the remainder paid 14 days before the ceremony. 

I will always confirm the fee before / at the time of confirming me as your celebrant.  There will never be any nasty hidden surprises.

Additional fees apply for Destination Weddings (overseas, and interstate from WA).  There may be an additional fee for Country WA ceremonies.  I do try to keep any additional costs to a minimum,  please contact me directly for further information.

Do you support Marriage Equality?

I support Marriage Equality.  As a celebrant I am in a unique, and privileged position to witness the celebration of love between a couple, formally, legally, and in the company of family and friends.  I am so happy that all of our community are now able to experience this joyous moment.

With all the love, passion and enthusiasm that beats within my heart and soul, I would be honoured to help share your love with a Ceremony.

Can you perform a 'registry-style' ceremony?

Not up for a ceremony?  Not a problem.  I am happy to perform the necessary requirements in my office (or garden, just to make it a little fancy).  You will still need to complete the paperwork, and give the needed notice, and share a few lovely (but legal) words with each other (and myself) in the presence of witnesses.  Simple but still special.  Please contact me for fees regarding this service.

Can I see you in action?

It's not my position to invite you along to another couple's wedding so that you can see my performance.  If you would like an idea of what I sound and look like - pop on over to the 'Get To Know Me' page, and watch the video available.  You will also find ceremony 'snippets' on my 'Gallery' page.  Also, you're more than welcome to call up and we can have a face-to-face meeting, with no obligation, so that you can get a better idea of how I'd work into your wedding day.

I'm engaged,  I'm ready to get married... what's the process?

Get in contact and we'll organise a time to meet up - and you can figure out if I'm the right celebrant for your needs (no obligation!)

If you already know I'm awesome, or decide on the spot that I'm awesome once meeting me - we can cut straight to the legal stuff.  (so just in case, it might be worth bringing along the important paperwork to the catch-up)

  • we complete a Notice of Intended Marriage (must be done at least 1 month before your wedding date)

  • you bring along the important papers - namely passports, drivers licence, and any paperwork associated with previous divorces etc. if appropriate.

  • I'll get you to answer a few questions on the spot, and send you away with a couple more for you to complete - so that I can come up with your ultimate ceremony.

  • when you lock in your wedding date with me, I ask you pay a deposit to secure the date and time.

We go back-and-forth until you're 100% happy with the intended ceremony.

Prior to the wedding, we do a rehearsal if you require - this can be at the venue, or alternative location.  If you don't need a rehearsal, I'm not going to force one on you!

You have an awesome wedding day,  a beautiful ceremony, and become husband and wife.   We complete a few more signatures, and then I submit it to the Registry.