No two snowflakes are the same...

It’s not uncommon when a couple first makes contact with me – for them to ask for examples of previous ceremonies I have performed.

I’m more than happy to do so… but it comes with a very specific direction:  “Don’t focus on the words,  focus on the intention.”

Why?  Because when I write a ceremony, it’s a personalised ceremony… and it is completely and utterly customised to the couple who it is written for.

There’s probably aline in there which is designed to bring a little smirk to the couple’s faces – an inside joke that no-one else there on the day would appreciate. – and you’ll just be thinking “what the?” as you read it – and that’s ok – remember, focus on the intent.

There might be a shout-out to the friends who brought the couple together.

And when you see an introduction that looks like the opening scene from Julia Zemiro’s ‘RockWIz’ – don’t worry… I don’t do that at EVERY ceremony.   Focus on the intent.

There’s a reason why one  ceremony has a reading “The art of marriage” (Wilferd Peterson), and another “Nothing Else Matters”  (Metallica).  It's because it was perfect for that couple, and their ceremony!

So remember,  FOCUS on the intention, because you will quickly realise that I’ll go above and beyond to create a ceremony that is perfect for YOU.