Original Art of a Reprint?

When I paint (a passion of mine) - I draw inspiration from Everywhere... My surroundings, the people in my life, other artworks and artists... It all goes into a giant melting pot and out comes a unique painting that more often than not - is nothing like what I originally thought it would be, however is somehow exactly right for what it has become!

The ceremonies I create with couples are the same. They have ideas, I have ideas, I have the opportunity to discover more about their lives and their love... And then organically we end up creating something pretty magical.

I can't do cookie-cutter ceremonies. I happily can draw from past ceremonies, and from materials that the intending couple love... However each ceremony will always be a specialized piece of art, and hopefully in the eyes of the couple - a masterpiece!

(PS.  The pic is a few years ago,  back when I had some longer locks!)  Sabine Albers Photography